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August 4, 2012
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Milizia: Xiao Fei by seki22 Milizia: Xiao Fei by seki22
An application for :iconmilizia:

welp my first try to join rp group on DA Q u Q,,

Full Name: Xiao Fei (孝飛)
Division: Air Force
Class: Junior
Age: 20
Height: 5’9’’ (180 cm)
Weight: 165.4 lbs (75 kg)
Nationality: Chinese (born in Bangkok, Thailand)



Fei is considerate, affirming, and very perceptive about others’ thought and feelings.
He has a skill in communication, in a way that he is able to inspire and motivate others.
On the entirely other end of the spectrum, he has some difficulties in speaking English;
for example, his grammar and wording need some improvement.

He tends to internalize the problems and take them as a burden, believing the success
or mistake is his responsibility. Hence, it makes him hold onto the problems long after
they have ended. He dislikes arguments and is likely to agree easily on something,
despite it going against his values, just to end the conflict. As a result, he is
a flexible type of person who is easy-going with others for most of the time.

He considers his thought and intense feelings as a private subject and rarely speaks up,
unless he is talking with someone he trusts. He takes his reliance very seriously, and
is ready to act with great confidence, as long as it is something he holds on valuable.

He puts forth a lot of effort into making things work out. Even though he is not
a person who is fond of war, he chooses to enroll into the academy in order to
prove himself to his family; making them acknowledge him as a person,
and not just the youngest member of the family.

+ Aircrafts
+ Winter
+ Puppies and kittens
+ Dim Sum (especially shrimp dumpling)
+ Salt-grilled fish
+ Hot pot
+ Tea

- His father
- Spicy food
- Bean sprouts
- Smoking
- Arguments
- Discrimination
- Prejudice


Fei was born and raised with his two older brothers in Thailand.
His father is the managing director of a jewelry export industry,
who aims to have his children inherit the business after his retirement,
while his mother stays home as a housewife.

Due to the traditional Chinese value, parents would normally see the first born son
to be the one carrying the family's honor, while the youngest would be seen as the one
with the least expectations. At the very beginning, his father's impression of Fei
has always been "the baby" of the family. His father does not trust him on anything
and yet is disappointed that Fei cannot excel as much as his two older brothers.

No matter how much Fei tries to do things right, his father only sees the mistakes he made.
His reliability is always questioned and their beliefs in him are reserved. Hence, his potentials
are overlooked and stagnated with his father's constant disapproval and his mother's smothering.
In his youth, he is deprived of things most kids experience, like hanging out with friends and such.
Fei learned to make due by spending his time studying; trying to prove himself that he is good
at something. Nevertheless, his parents still do not acknowledge anything he accomplishes.
They often compare him to their first born son, who always goes out to party;
praising the oldest brother as a perfect child, while turning a blind eye to how he behaves.

At the age of 10, his family went on a trip abroad to watch a flight air show.
The amazing stunts have made Fei wanting to become a pilot since then.

At the age of 15, after telling his father of his goal of wanting to become a pilot,
his father disapproved his dreams and labeled Fei as the failure of the family.
This is because his father wants his sons to continue the family’s business.
Fei’s choice for choosing a dangerous and unstable job, instead of a profitable one,
has made his father disappointed more than he was. This resulted in a conflicted
relationship between him and his father later on.

For 3 years, he chose to stay quiet about his wanting to be a pilot, but continued the attempt
of proving himself as a person who can live on his own. Fei decided to tell about his goal
to his older brother, Xiao Lei (孝雷), the second child who steps into their father’s business
as a marketing executive, and the only one he can rely on in the family. Lei suggested him
to enroll in Academy Milizia, in order to get away from living in a house, where the father
does not even respect him, and to prove himself in this military school.

With Lei’s skill in negotiating, he was being able to make his father allows Fei
to enroll in the academy with one condition. Fei must be able to graduate without
repeating the year or receiving expulsion. If he is able to do this, then his father
will no longer restrict his freedom. But if he is unable to comply with these terms,
then he will go through with an arranged marriage that his father had organized
and continue the family's business, without any protest.

Current Merit Count: 0

Inventory/Stock: M9 (Beretta 92FS) Pistol.

Additional information:
- His birthday is July 4.
- He can speak Thai, English.
- He understands some basic words of German and Chinese.
- He is right-handed.
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